How To Choose the Right Signage For Your Business in 2022

How To Choose the Right Signage For Your Business in 2022


Signage is an important part of any Melbourne-based business. It helps to inform customers and employees about what is going on in the business, as well as directing them where they need to go.


Good signage can show off your brand while driving foot traffic to your place of business as well. These signs can be a great investment as they can be low-cost relative to the new customers you can draw in from them.


Choosing the right signage for your business can be difficult, but it is important to consider the different factors that will impact your decision.


Here are some factors to consider when you're choosing the right signage for your business in 2022:


Your Theme and Design


It's important to design your signage in a way that reflects your brand and the theme you're trying to convey. For example, if your business is a hospital, getting people to stop and enter the building would be one of the goals so they need an elegant sign to get them interested in entering. If this was a factory, perhaps it would be better suited with bolder colours and signs so workers can find their way around quickly during emergencies or other problems.


Think about what colours and motifs will speak best for your business. For example, if you're running an advertising agency then red might not be appropriate because it represents danger or even death while green could represent growth and peace. With white being associated with innocence, purity, and neutrality.


The colour you choose for your signage can affect your brand value, as well as how easy it is to read the sign. It also needs to be eye-catching in order for people to take notice of it. People tend to remember bright colours better than muted ones so you might want to stick with a brighter colour palette.


Exposure and Location


Where you place your signage is another important factor to consider. If the location of your business means that people don't pass by it at any point throughout the day, then perhaps an electronic sign would be a better idea as they can attract more attention from motorists and pedestrians alike.


Higher traffic areas such as roads and popular streets are usually more preferred, but they can also come with higher costs. It's important to find a balance of exposure and cost when you're looking at signs for your business.


However, if you have a limited budget for your signage, then an electronic sign might not be the best solution because those signs tend to cost relatively high. If this is the case, then a cheaper option could be a standard vinyl banner or ‘analog’ sign. You can also find ones that are retractable so you won't need extra space just for storage purposes.


The Type and Size


The size and type of your signage is also a factor you'll need to consider. If you want a sign that is going to stand out from the crowd then it has to be large enough for that purpose. Signs that are too small can become lost in the background of other objects which means they're not as helpful as they could be.


Go for something big but not too big, because if it's too big then it would just end up being an eyesore instead of an asset.


You will also need to think about what kind of signage best suits your business. Standard signs include vinyl banners, billboards, lit electronic signs, etc., while non-traditional signage includes things like custom graphics or even window decals or paint jobs on your store-front.


If your business is in an area where it's highly visible, or there are many pedestrians passing through you might want to consider investing in a double-sided sign. These are great for businesses that need larger signs so you can get maximum exposure to the public.


Pre-made vs Custom Signage


Another factor you need to consider is whether you want pre-made or custom signage. Both have benefits and drawbacks, but it all depends on the kind of business you run.


Pre-made signage is usually much cheaper than custom, and it's also faster and easier to order because you don't need to wait for a design. The drawback is that the designs might not be as unique or specific to your business as you might like, and they can also be less eye-catching.


Materials and Durability


When choosing the materials that are best for your signage, you need to think about strength and durability. If you're looking for something that is meant to last, then the most durable option would be steel with vinyl lettering.


They're both very strong construction materials so they won't break or warp easily even if they experience high winds or other elements.


There is also safety to consider when choosing signs because there could be a risk of injury if the signage isn't made from the right material. For example, people will trip on items like metal signposts placed in front of store-fronts because they don't look as safe as others.


What’s Your Budget


The budget will also be an important factor in terms of custom signage because the more elaborate the design, the higher your costs for it will be.


Pre-made signs are much cheaper but don't necessarily offer as much customisation as you would like. If you want to use your business logo then it might not look that great on a pre-made sign, so customisation is still key even with these kinds of signs.


When choosing between signs, make sure to take all of these factors into consideration before making any decisions. It's well worth spending some time seeing what options are available and how they can benefit or hinder your business growth. No matter which kind of signs you choose, make sure your business stands out from the rest by properly optimising its signage.


Signage is essentially a reflection of your brand's identity, so getting it correct is critical. The team at Signaction can work with you to help you throughout the signage process and develop a unique solution while delivering great quality at an affordable price by working together. Get in touch with us now to discuss your next signage project and work with a reliable sign contractor.

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