​​5 Vehicle Wrapping Mistakes to Avoid

​​5 Vehicle Wrapping Mistakes to Avoid


Purchasing a singular or a fleet of cars for your business is an excellent decision. Your team is able to go from one area to another with ease, whether it's to sell or deliver your services to your clients.


If you allow these cars to be used as company shuttles, your workers will enjoy it. They'll be able to save money on petrol and commuting expenses, and they may use the savings for whatever they want.


You may also utilise your automobile fleet as an additional marketing avenue. Your cars or trucks may become powerful mobile advertising tools if you use them to promote your brand, goods or services, and any offers you have.



Turning Your Vehicles Into the Perfect Mobile Advertising Platform


Vehicle branding is also one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available today. However, if you make some errors in the design and process of wrapping your vehicles, all of your money might go to waste.


To obtain cars that effectively and effortlessly promote your brand, avoid these mistakes when creating and installing signage:



Forgetting your branding and your style


Choosing fonts and hues at random to make your vehicle wrap design stand out is a simple yet costly mistake that company owners frequently make.


Aside from promoting your firm, your wrapped cars may also be effective branding weapons. They can assist more individuals to become aware of and remember your organisation. Because of this, your wrap design should be consistent with and display your brand's personality.


If you use fonts and colours that are different from those on your style guidelines and currently used in all of your digital and printed marketing material, you will lose out on a valuable branding opportunity. You may end up giving mixed signals and confusing both your existing and potential customers.


If you're designing a website, postcard, brochure, or other printed material for your business, keep your brand design style guide in mind. If you're working with a vehicle wrap design team, make sure they understand these standards and some samples of your marketing materials to use as inspiration and as starting points.



Putting in Too Much Clutter


While you desire to raise public awareness of your business and all of its services, including as much information and visual components as feasible in the design is one of the most costly mistakes you can make.


When your wrap design contains too much text, it will be difficult for visitors to figure out what your company stands for and what you have to offer. If you have too many images or graphics in your design, it will be overwhelming.


Keep in mind that your audience has just a few seconds to take everything in on your vehicle. If your design contains a lot of components, prospects will have a hard time determining what the most essential parts of information are about your company.


Keep your design simple to make an effective vehicle wrap. Make sure it's solely your company name, logo, contact information, and key products or services you provide.



Wasting Money on Things People Won’t Notice


Even if your concept is well-thought-out, if it's something that your audience can't see, all of your time and money will be for naught. Use the proper contrasting colours to make it easier for your audience to see what you're trying to say. A design that is hard for people to see might be caused by a mistake in the choice of complementary colours. If you choose a light hue for the text and a white or any subtle tone for the background, no one will be able to understand your message.


Select the most contrasting colours for your vehicle graphics if you want them to be instantly noticed.


Keep in mind as well that when it comes to vehicle wraps, size is critical. If the typeface, photographs, and logo are too small, no one will be able to read or view them while the vehicle is in motion.


7-centimetre letters can be read up to 7 metres away, and 15-centimetre ones may be seen up to 10 metres away. This is a good starting point for your type size.



Using Low-Quality Photos


Add high-quality images to the design to demonstrate a sense of professionalism. These pictures will be large so that they may be readily seen. If your design or car as a whole appears amateurish, it's time to get new ones.


Use only high-resolution graphics in your design if you want your fleet's logo to reflect the high-quality services you provide.


Finally, stay away from clip art. These overused and non-descript graphics will only damage the design in terms of believability.



Getting The Fit of The Wrap Wrong


Installation difficulties are often the source of misaligned seams and designs. A poor fit, on the other hand, can be traced back to the wrap designer.


Design is the basis of good seam placement. If you don't want to spend time experimenting with different layouts, ask a professional designer to handle it for you. Painting your vehicle's rear panel directly on the wrap material will ensure that the design looks as though it was sprayed onto the automobile after installation.


Before the design is printed, have both the designer and installer examine the vehicles. They'll be able to make any modifications to the plan that address any potential problem spots after doing so.


If you're getting vehicle signage quotes, be sure to inquire whether the prices presented include design production. If not, discover how much this added service costs.


When you recognize and avoid these blunders, your company's branded automobiles will be more than one thing to your organisation.



Wrapping It Up


Avoiding these common signage mistakes, you can save yourself and your business a lot of money in the long run. Partnering with a professional signage company can also save you a lot of headaches in the long run when you run into any issues. Get in touch with Signaction now to find out how we can help turn your vehicles into the perfect mobile advertising tools.

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