Help & FAQ

  • If you don’t have a designer:

    Our professional creative design team can help you every step of the designing process, so if you don’t have artwork then there’s no worries! We can create your artwork from $85 to $110 per hour depending on the complexity of your design. We can advise on fonts, text, images, illustrations and colours that would be appropriate for your signage and its purpose. Our team at Signaction can work with you to create the perfect signage solution.

  • How to prepare your artwork:

    If you have your own artwork and don’t want any changes, then ensure to convert all text to outlines. This will guarantee that the correct font will be used. If you’re unsure how to create outlines, please contact Signaction and we will be happy to advise. Your design needs to be sent as a vector based file. You can provide your design as an .esp, .ai or PDF as long as the logo, text or design is vector artwork.

  • How to send your files to us:

    Your artwork files can be emailed directly to us at – however if the file is too large, you can send your files via USB, or on cloud services such as Dropbox and WeTransfer.

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